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What is Asian American Studies?

Asian American Studies (AAS) is an academic discipline that focuses on the historical and contemporary issues regarding the Asian diaspora in the United States. The Asian-American studies minor examines the diverse experience of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S., including their literatures, cultures, religions, histories, racial and gender identities, political participations, and their relationships to their homelands and other Asian diasporas. Born out of student demand for ethnic studies during the 1960s, the first AAS program was created at San Francisco State University in 1968. Since then, AAS has made its way to college campuses across the nation. In the fall of 2004, AAS made its way to the University of Florida, the first institution in the southeast to offer such a program.

What is the Asian American Studies Minor?

The AAS minor is a 15-credit interdisciplinary program. The minor provides students with an opportunity to concentrate on Asian American racial politics, gender issues, community building, and culture. The minor is fulfilled through completion of three required courses in Asian American Studies and two elective courses with significant coverage on any aspect of race in the U.S. or Asian culture.  In the past we have offered core courses such as Asian-American and African-American Interactions, the Sociology of Asian Americans, Asian American Politics, Asian American Film, and Asian American literature.

The AAS minor is open to all students with an overall GPA of at least 2.0 and requires a minimum of 15 credits of approved courses with a grade of C or better. Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

To begin work toward the minor simply start taking the courses.  See https://catalog.ufl.edu/ugrad/current/liberalarts/minors/asian-american-studies.aspx.   The Asian American Student Union posts a list of course offerings for the current and following semester.  http://www.ufaasu.com/

Minor Coordinator

Dr. Malini Johar Schueller

Minor Registration:

Academic Advisor
Turlington 3012E
(352) 392-2877

Spring 2020 Course Offerings

  • ASH 3931 “Global Asian/American Histories”

    Global Asian/American Histories (ASH 3931) explores the transpacific migrations of Asians to the Americas since the early 19th century. Students will use a transnational and comparative approach to consider the intersections of labor migration, imperialism, and U.S. wars in Asia with community formation, ethnic identities, and national citizenship. In so doing, the course will examine how international migration transformed both sending and receiving societies. We will also follow the lives of East Asians, South Asians, and Southeast Asians who crossed the Pacific and explore the transformations they and their descendants experienced throughout the migration and settlement processes.

  • WST 3415 "Transnational Feminism"

    Women and feminism in a transnational perspective, focusing on various theories and movements engendered by women in contemporary national contexts. The course examines development, reproductive politics and women’s health.

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