Testing Trenton Women's Empower Hour - Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs

Women’s Empower Hour is an event series that strives to support Asian American women and create solidarity within our communities. Through various educational workshops and lunch discussions, we have discussed issues such as Euro centrism, the fetishization of Asian American women, complexities of dual identities, and more. By creating safe spaces when women can share stories and learn about themselves, we aim to discover ways in which we can work together to embrace our unique identities.

Women's Empower Hour

  • Wed. 02/17 - Eurocentric Beauty Standards at 12PM

    Dr. Sandy Chang is an assistant professor at the University of Florida who specializes in the areas of migration, gender, and sexuality in Southeast Asia and the British Empire. Dr. Chang will be speaking on the effects of colonialism/neo-colonialism on the Asian beauty industry and the manifestation of Eurocentric beauty standards. https://ufl.zoom.us/j/95304747194

  • Wed. 03/10 - Asian & Asian-American Representation in Media at 12PM

    A discussion about the cultural and institutional barriers that has led to the lack of Asian & Asian-American representation, as well as misrepresentation, in media and sports. https://ufl.zoom.us/j/95384597220

  • Wed. 04/7 - Violence Against Womxn at 12PM

    According to UNWomen, “1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence”. During this Women’s Empower Hour, we will take time to unpack the societal and institutional reasons that effect or perpetuate violence against Womxn. https://ufl.zoom.us/j/93960478067

Past Events

Women's Empower Hour

  • Tues. 09/29 - Dr. Anita Anantharam at 1PM

    Dr. Anita Anantharam, award-winning professor at the University of Florida in the areas of leadership, women’s empowerment and diversity and the importance of social capital for personal growth. Dr. A will be speaking on the milestone and racial barriers of the 19th Amendment & implications of the upcoming election. https://ufl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0pcuugqTotE9UVJfwQlzsOyg-PCnXT1_bm

  • Thurs. 10/15 - Suraiya Sharker at 5PM

    Suraiya Sharker, activist and community organizer with the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum – Georgia Chapter will be joining us to facilitate workshop session around Activism, Voter and Civic Engagement, and Reproductive Justice. https://ufl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0udeiqrTIvG9c2Y_bcnyzyY1taT_nqzSZS

  • Tues. 11/10 - Dr. Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez at 5PM

    Dr. Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Honors Program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Her research interests are in tourism and militarism, transnational cultural studies, feminist theory. She is currently developing several projects on Filipinx/Indigenous encounters; solidarity tours; and the politics of hospitality. *This event is in partnership with the Indigenous American Student Association and the observance of Native American Heritage Month. https://ufl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0oceqtrjIiEtEYqbaQnoxC3uUTjVqEH683

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