The Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affairs’ FiND (Forming our Identities through Networking and Development) initiative is searching for enthusiastic FiND Peer Leaders who are willing to guide first-year students during the transition to the University of Florida. The FiND Peer Leader role is an amazing opportunity to welcome new students as a helpful resource throughout the school year through workshops and socials.

FiND Peer Leaders will be working hand-in-hand with FiNDERs (incoming students) and FiND Coordinators to facilitate an environment of growth and learning for the first year UF students who have self-identified as Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander Desi. We are looking for a diverse team of FiND Peer Leaders that are involved in different aspects of the UF community. Whether you are involved in student organizations, research, student government or the local Gainesville community we want you to apply and join the FiND program!

FiND (Forming our Identities through Networking and Development) Early Arrival Initiative hosted Thursday-Saturday, August weekend before the start of Fall semester with monthly programming throughout 2022-2023 (check the FiND Schedule tab for more information).

Expectations for FiND Peer Leaders

  • Showcase engaging enthusiasm!
  • Empathetically Charismatic
  • Some involvement within the APIDA community (sub org, the office space, etc.)
  • Have a transformational UF experience to share
  • Willingness to grow personally and professional from the FiND experience
  • Willingness to go out of comfort zone to talk to new people
  • Ability to facilitate conversation, public speaking, ice breakers, skits, and workshops
  • Create interpersonal small cohort relationships and engaging large group experience
  • Availability to serve as FiND Peer Leader throughout 2022-2023.
    • We can share more insight on this through the interview
    • We will reach out to you once we have processed your application for interview times.


FiND Peer Leader Applications are OPEN NOW and will CLOSE 11:59PM EST May 8, 2022 

Thank you for your interest in joining our team as a FiND Peer Leader. We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please contact Nathalie Turenne ( should you need any assistance.