Testing Trenton Anthology - Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs

APIA Affairs puts together an annual anthology containing creative work made by APIA-identified individuals who are either students, faculty, staff, or alumni of the University of Florida, or community members of the local Gainesville area. The APIA Affairs Anthology provides a record of the APIA experience and showcases our community’s unheard voices and stories through an unfiltered and authentic artistic medium. While the collection for the anthology is ongoing through the year, Anthology is released in the Spring semester.

2020 APIA Affairs Anthology

Breaking the silence, living in our truth

The theme focuses on exposing what was hidden from our past. It could be what our parents face to have us be successful. What did they hide to have everything we need? It could be a personal one as well. It is to show the double life that we may experience. What did you have to be silent about and hide that needs to be brought up? Break the silence, for it is your truth.

Click here to submit. Deadline Monday, April 27, 2020 at 11:59PM EST.



2019 APIA Affairs Anthology

Be a Voice, not an echo

Often times when we express ourselves, it is from the perspective of others. Now is our time to be ourselves and express who we are.
Be a voice for those who are unable to.
Be passionate about what you do and what you believe in.
Express yourself. Stand out and be unique. You do not have to follow the status quo.




2018 APIA Affairs Anthology

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Editor-in-Chief: Dhara Patel

Co-Editors: Dikshitha Shankar and Kaeli Flannery

Page Design: Dhara Patel

Cover Artist: Dhara Patel










2017 APIA Affairs Anthology

This year’s anthology will explore the various taboos that we encounter in our lives. Things we “shouldn’t say” or “shouldn’t do”. Topics we are told to shy away from. As we navigate the world around us, we should take time to reflect on what makes taboos, well, taboo and express our own thoughts on them. Whether it be through written or visual mediums. Real. Raw. Unapologetic. ​






2016 APIA Affairs Anthology

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Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth “DeeDee” Barrido

Supporting Editor: Melissa Huang

Page Design: Maria Pitt, Nashrah Ahmed, Nicole Dan

Cover Artist: Jamie Liu

To watch Shimul Chowdhury’s Video Submission, #worship, click here!









2015 APIA Affairs Anthology

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Editor-in-Chief: Marcus Degnan

Co-editors: Alicia Soller, Kim Dang, Melissa Huang

Cover: Shimul Chowdhury

Page Design: Alicia Soller











2014 APIA Affairs Anthology

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Editor-In-Chief: Alicia Soller

Co-editors: Jenny Poon, Marcus Degnan,  and DJ Fontenot

Cover Artist: Shimul Chowdhury

Contributing Artists: Leonie Barkakati, Steven Che, Shimul Chowdhury, Marcus Degnan, Samrenee Green, Chrisopher Johns, Micheal Ngo, Christina Paik, Maria Pitt, Nadia Sheikh, Neal Singh, Rubaiyat Zinat, and Morton Zhou










2013 APIA Affairs Anthology

In hard copy only

Head of Selection Committee: Leonie Barkakati

Selection Committee: Alicia Soller and Lani Yu

Head Designer: Chan Naing


Testing Trenton