Social Justice and Advocacy

  • Mission: APIA Affairs’ Social Justice and Advocacy Team strives to create student activists through educational programming, social initiatives, and collaboration with different groups on campus. We aim to educate and empower the APIA communities at the University of Florida and beyond to work together to overcome our shared obstacles.
  • Vision: APIA Affairs’ Social Justice and Advocacy Team​ is committed to building a more just and inclusive campus for everyone on it. In providing safe spaces, we hope our UF community will realize their similarities and differences to work towards solving their common issues.
  • For any questions, please email the Coordinator, Nashrah Ahmed (


  • Mission: To provide quality workshops, activities, and presentations using appropriate and specific information to generate a more aware community with heightened multiple intelligences.
  • Vision: To empower APIA students, faculty, and community members through education, knowledge, and awareness.
  • For any questions, please email the Coordinator, Jennifer Zhang (

Community Outreach

  • Mission: Community Outreach under the Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs focus’ on connecting the community by finding a common factor whether its education, advocacy, or empowerment. Our team works with Faculty & Staff, variety of universities, international students, and graduate students to create a global network that will help empower individuals, groups, and institutions on campus or nationwide. By honoring the values of inclusion, connection, innovation, and justice, we help create programs such as an international mentoring program, brown bag lunches with faculty & Staff, Google hangouts with other universities, and APIA ted talks to help engage not only students but the community to increase our perspectives.
  • Vision: Community Outreach is dedicated to creating a more connected community by improving our networks locally, regionally, and nationwide to allow students to widen their perspectives and resources.
  • For any questions, please email the Coordinator, Xue Wang (

Student Development and Leadership

  • Mission: Student Development and Leadership (SDL) aims to support a strong understanding of APIA leadership and multicultural competency in our communities. Through developing students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, providing fundamental social justice training, and allocating necessary cultural and personal development resources for the APIA community, SDL will create a socially just, diverse, and professional community.
  • Vision: To create access to adequate resources to advance students’ abilities to succeed in all leadership positions and create an inclusive community.
  • For any questions, please email the Coordinator, Michael Ngo (