10th Anniversary Celebration

10 Years of Impact

The University of Florida is an institution of higher thinking that provides spaces and opportunities for students to exercise critical thinking in order to develop strategies to create positive change. Without the efforts of students in the early 1990’s, Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affairs would not be inexistent to create and offer resources for all Gators on campus. UF continues to be a preeminent institution as the only university in Florida to have a space dedicated to Asian Pacific Islander Desi students and a full-time staff supporting the same community.

February 21, 2020

Join us at the Reitz Union for a full day of celebration!

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    Boba Bar

    10:00 a.m. | Reitz Union, North Lawn

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    Lion Dance

    11:30 a.m. | Reitz Union, Amphitheater

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    APIA Acknowledgement

    12:00 p.m. | MCDA (Reitz Union, Level 2)

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    Create Your Own Tea

    12:30 p.m. | MCDA (Reitz Union, Level 2)

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    Interactive Activities

    All Day | Reitz Union, Gallery

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    GatorNights Celebration

    8:00 PM | Reitz Union

Community Connection Events

Feb. 10-28

History of the Experience for Asian/Asian American Students at UF

Reitz Union Gallery

Feb. 10-21

APIDA Educational Tabling & Marketing


Feb. 10-28

Photo Collection and Campaign from Students and Alumni


Feb. 17-21

Video Testimonial Recording

Reitz Union, Level 2
(MCDA Suite)

Frequently Asked Questions

In the early 1990’s, the fight for Asian American resources (led by students) on this campus started. In the early 2000’s, there was increased administrative support for student-led initiatives for Asian American resources. Various administrators through the Dean of Students Office supported the movement for additional Asian American resources. On November 17, 2003, a student-organized and led rally at Turlington Plaza for Asian American resources was held. In 2010, the APIA Resource Room was created (located on the fourth floor of Peabody Hall) and in 2011 the first director was hired.

Prior to an APIA graduate assistant, there was a MCDA graduate assistant Ebru Korbek who worked closely with the APIA community. Gradually throughout the years, a graduate student led the APIA office. These graduate assistants were Natalia Leal (2005), Yuko Fujino (2006-2007), and Taketo Nakao (2007-2011).

Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs provides resources to enhance and promote intellectual and personal growth of students to explore and define their complex cultural and intersectional identities. While focusing on the key areas of retention efforts, workshop and program facilitation, service, and outreach to the Asian American community on campus and beyond, APIA Affairs works collaboratively within Multicultural & Diversity Affairs and across the university to advocate for the needs of students.
Our office hours of operation for the anniversary will be from 10AM – 5PM.
Our office space and the 10th Anniversary celebration is open to all regardless of how you identify.
Feel free to stop by our office or sign up for our Newsletter.